ADHD/ADD Skills for Success is an evidence-based program to help
individuals manage symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and/or


On average: 8-10 weekly sessions
2-3 booster/follow-up sessions


Compassionate and empowering manualized treatment
grounded in Cognitive-behavioural therapy
Easy-to-use handouts, worksheets, and strategy lists
provided weekly

Topics Covered

Education about ADHD/ADD, ADHD/ADD Advocacy Sleep and Exercise in ADHD symptom management Goal Setting Changing unhelpful thought patterns that impact staying on task/getting things done Identification of situations in which poor time management and disorganization lead to problems in day-to-day lives Behavioural, instructional, and environmental strategies for home, school, and work Relaxation strategies Parent training and collaborative problem solving are frequently included


*Note: This treatment is not designed to replace medications for ADHD and
may work best when a client is concurrently receiving medication for ADHD.