Worry Busters is a structured and comprehensive evidence-based
treatment for individuals with anxiety/fears (e.g., generalized anxiety,
social anxiety, panic, specific fears/phobias, separation anxiety)


On average: 8-14 weekly sessions
2-3 booster/follow-up sessions


Compassionate and empowering manualized treatment
grounded in Cognitive-behavioural therapy
Easy-to-use handouts, worksheets, and strategy lists
provided weekly

Topics Covered

Education about fears/anxiety (e.g., anxiety body signals)
Relationship among thoughts, feelings, and behaviours Realistic thinking strategies Relaxation strategies Exposure and Response prevention (if relevant) Personalized triggers (e.g., feelings, thoughts, environments) that cause anxiety to worsen Customized Toolbox/Plan of action when faced with triggers Self-compassion/self-acceptance exercises Other proven effective skills for managing stress and triggers including mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and problem-solving techniques Relapse prevention plan For Youth clients: Parent component to discuss tips for parenting a youth with anxiety