Surviving and Thriving through COVID-19 is a structured evidence-based program that teaches individuals coping skills to manage stress, uncertainty, anxiety, and grief related to COVID-19.


On average: 3-8 weekly sessions
1-2 booster/follow-up sessions


Compassionate and empowering manualized treatment grounded in Cognitive-behavioural therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment approaches Easy-to-use handouts, worksheets, and strategy lists provided weekly

Topics Covered

Expressing and validating emotions
Ways to maintain structure/routine
Coping techniques grounded in science including gratitude,
sleep hygiene strategies, relaxation, ways to tolerate
uncertainty, mindfulness, distress tolerance, self-compassion
exercises, ways to maintain social connections/support Skills to foster a growth-mindset and resilience during COVID-19 Strategies to cope with grief/loss (e.g., being unable to attend high school graduation) associated with COVID-19 Creation of personalized self-care plan Resources for talking about COVID-19.