Inside Out: Taming Tricky Emotions is a comprehensive evidence-based
treatment to improve self-regulation and control of tricky
(e.g., anger, frustration) emotions


On average: 8-10 weekly sessions
2-3 booster/follow-up sessions


Compassionate and empowering manualized treatment
grounded in Cognitive-behavioural therapy and Collaborative Problem Solving Easy-to-use handouts, worksheets, and strategy lists provided weekly

Topics Covered

Education about emotions Tricky emotion triggers (e.g., transition from enjoyable screen time to work)
Early warning body signs (including emotion labeling and identification) Proven-effective skills for managing improving selfregulation and emotion control including mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, cognitive (thinking), and relaxation techniques Zones of regulation strategies and skills Collaborative Problem Solving rationale, steps, and practice Customized plan of action Relapse prevention plan Parenting training/support maybe a useful component