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Michelle McVittie

Child Life Specialist and Parenting Coach

Fun Facts

Michelle wrote a book! "I Quit! Oh Wait I'm the Mom". A self-help book to find your joy again in motherhood.

She taught ballet for 19 years.

Her dream job would be to be a famous author and speaker.

Her favourite vacation was to Aruba. It was her first big trip away with her husband without the kids!

At the top of her bucket list is to travel to Europe, Italy or Spain are top on her list.

Michelle McVittie

Child Life Specialist and Parenting Coach

Michelle McVittie is a Coach at MindFit and a Child Life Specialist. Michelle provides services to parents/caregivers under the supervision of Dr. Kim Edwards, C.Psych.

Training/Work Experience: Michelle completed a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Child Life Studies Diploma at McMaster University. She has worked in pediatric medical and mental health (including at McMaster Children’s Hospital), with young offenders, and in daycares as a behaviour specialist for over 20 years. Michelle is a sought-after speaker, TV host, author, wife, and mother. She is also a parenting expert for CHCH morning live. Michelle has been trained in a variety of modalities including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, emotion-focused coaching, motivational interviewing, and collaborative problem solving.

Presenting Concerns: Michelle provides support to parents of youth facing a broad range of challenges isncluding Anxiety and OCD, ADHD, emotion regulation challenges, tics and Tourette syndrome, self-esteem, low mood, coping with stress, selective mutism and eating disorders.

Approach: Michelle uses a collaborative, evidence-based, and strengths-based approach when working with parents. She offers a variety of short-term (generally 3-5 sessions) parenting programs including:

  • Keys to Parenting Youth with Anxiety, OCD, and/or Tics/Tourette Syndrome
  • More Collaboration, Less Meltdowns: Parenting Strong-Willed and Spirited Youth
  • Parenting in a Pandemic: Tips and Tricks
  • Raising Confident and Resilient Youth
  • “Am I doing it right?” Bolstering Your Parent Toolbox
  • Self-Care and Self-Compassion for Parents and Caregivers
  • Parenting Your Teen with Love and Connection

These programs focus on helping parents ditch guilt and shame, calm the chaos, give themselves a break (self-care), bolster parent confidence, and teach parents tools/strategies to support their child’s well-being. They are also are infused with practical examples, resources, tips, and everyday scenarios.

Outside of MindFit: Outside of her work at MindFit, Michelle is a mother to 2 teenagers and enjoys quality time with those she loves, being creative and reading.