Tic Busters is a non-pharmacological structured and comprehensive
evidence-based treatment for individuals with impairing tics


On average: 8 weekly sessions
2-3 booster/follow-up sessions


Compassionate and empowering manualized treatment
adapted from Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention for
Tics (CBIT), evidence-based behavioural treatment for
managing tics
Easy-to-use handouts, worksheets, and strategy lists
provided weekly

Topics Covered

Education about tics (e.g., course, cause) and tic disorders Awareness training, competing response training, social support (Habit Reversal Therapy components) Identifying environmental triggers that impact tic severity Customized plan of action when faced with triggers that exacerbate tics (“function-based interventions”) Ways to accept/tolerate urges to tic without acting on urges Self-compassion/self-acceptance exercises Advocacy techniques (e.g., how to talk about tics) Other proven-effective skills for managing stress, urges to tic, and triggers including mindfulness and relaxation Toolbox of strategies to manage current and potential future bothersome tics