About MindFit

What is MindFit?

MindFit is a one-of-a-kind psychology clinic – or what we prefer to call a “gym” – with expert coaches, programs, workouts, and exercises for getting and staying in emotional shape.

Many people go for walks, play sports, or go to the gym to strengthen their muscles and stay physically healthy. There are countless fitness programs, workouts, and exercise equipment options designed to improve our body’s physical strength, flexibility and balance.

It’s about time a “gym” was developed to improve our mental/emotional health! MindFit was born out of the idea that with the right “coach” (psychologist), training program, workouts, and exercises, we can get/stay in good mental and emotional shape.

MindFit Terminology

At MindFit, our metaphors, language and terminology were created to be relatable, understanding, non-judgmental and destigmatizing.

The MindFit Difference

We believe mental fitness is a process, not a destination. MindFit is dedicated to providing children, adolescents, parents, families and adults the tools and strategies to thrive on the journey to getting and staying MindFit

MindFit Approach

Comprehensive Assessment

The first step in a MindFit Program is a comprehensive MindFit Assessment with one of our expert coaches (psychologists). A MindFit Assessment is designed to allow our coaches to learn more about your strengths, goals and challenges


MindFit Assessments are typically one hour in duration but may be longer or shorter


MindFit Assessments are also an opportunity for potential Members to ensure their MindFit coach and the MindFit Program are the right “fit” for them

Objective Measures/Questionnaires

MindFit Assessments generally consist of a clinical interview and questionnaires to support diagnostic accuracy; questionnaires may be completed online through our secure Member portal

Program Selection

MindFit Programs are tailored to an individual’s strengths, goals and challenges and are prepared by our coaches (psychologists) in close collaboration with Members and their families

Individually Tailored - Collaboratively Designed

MindFit Programs are tailored to an individual’s strengths, goals and challenges and are prepared by our coaches (psychologists) in close collaboration with Members and their families

Success Oriented Programs

MindFit Programs are designed to provide Members with a toolbox of skills and strategies to overcome short term challenges and enhance their long-term health and well-being

Reports are Easily Accessible to Members

The MindFit Report is made available to each MindFit Member on his/her secure member portal


Mental health is not a spectator sport. MindFit Workouts are designed to be innovative, fun, rewarding, and slightly challenging – just like physical exercise!

Practice Makes Improvement

During each MindFit Workout, Members learn and practice evidenced-based tools and strategies to help their brains grow, stretch and develop!

Flexibility within Fidelity

MindFit Coaches adapt the MindFit Program based on individual goals, challenges and progress and to ensure Workouts are effective and efficient

Collaborating to Build a Foundation for Success

MindFit Coaches may (with consent) engage with parents, teachers, health care providers and others to create a foundation for success

Personalized Workbooks

“Coaches” generally prepare and upload individually personalized workbooks for each MindFit Workout to the Member’s portal in advance of each session


At the end of a MindFit Program, Members have developed the skills and strategies to overcome challenges and achieve their goals

Programs are Designed to be Short-Term

MindFit Programs don’t last forever – they are designed to be short term (e.g., once per week for 6-12 weeks), efficient and effective.

Pre- and Post-Measures

At the end of a MindFit Program, Members may complete questionnaires to review, track and celebrate their progress

Staying Well Plan

Members also create a “Staying Well” Plan, that includes a summary of the tools and strategies they learned at the gym and will continue to practice in their lives

Booster Sessions

Occasional booster session may help keep Members’ skills and strategies sharp!

Why Choose MindFit?

Our coaches are experts in pediatric, adolescent and adult mental health

The MindFit team is comprised of practitioners that are leaders in pediatric, adolescent, and adult mental health. They received training at many of the top health centers nationally and internationally, including the Hospital for Sick Children, London Health Sciences Centre, Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, and the University of Delhi. Many MindFit Coaches (clinicians) hold a professorship at top academic institutions, have presented nationally and internationally, have consulted internationally (e.g., with medical practitioners from the Mayo Clinc) are published in peer-reviewed journals, and are actively involved in program development and evaluation, research, teaching, and supervision.

Our programs are backed by science

MindFit coaches blend compassionate and supportive approaches with evidence-based practices. Programs are based on empirical research studies and clinician expertise, and are individually customized with the aim of bringing about lasting results. We regularly monitor treatment progress and outcomes with validated questionnaires to ensure our Members do not waste time and money doing something that is not working!

Our approaches are effective,
efficient, and collaborative.

MindFit programs focus on specific, measurable and realistic goals. Between session assignments, handouts, exercises, and audio resources/apps, are used to generalize skills and reinforce workout concepts. We strive to ensure Members graduate from our programs with a toolbox of practical/useful skills to remain mentally fit and healthy. MindFit programs are designed to be short-term, time-limited (typically 6-12 sessions), cost-effective, structured, and efficient. For children and adolescents that consent, MindFit Coaches may consult with physicians, schools, camp counselors, and sports coaches to best support the Member.

Our language is designed to make you feel comfortable, safe, heard, and accepted.

At MindFit, our metaphors, language, and terminology (e.g., workouts, exercises) were created to be relatable, understanding, non-judgemental, and destigmatizing. Just like a physical gym welcomes people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and physical health levels, with a common goal of getting/staying physically healthy, MindFit is designed to be accessible and inviting to anyone wanting to improve their mental fitness.

We are a forward-thinking, technologically-savvy and innovative practice.

At MindFit, we provide 21st century forward-thinking, creative, and innovative clinical care including access to a secure member portal to obtain session handouts, view assessment reports, book appointments, complete intake forms and questionnaires, and attend virtual visits.

MindFit Philosophy

As the statistics below show, we live in an era of stress, exhaustion and fatigue, propelled by the constant pressure to perform and remain technologically connected. As a result, it is more important than ever to take care of our mental health. Good mental health can lower stress, protect against anxiety and depression, enhance productivity, and strengthen relationships. At MindFit we are passionate about what we do and dedicated, through collaborative, individualized, and inclusive approaches, to helping Ontarians maintain and improve their mental health.

Offering compassionate care, grounded in the latest science, isn’t just what we do, it’s a fundamental part of who we are and what we are about. Seeking mental health support, especially for the first time, can be scary or intimidating. At MindFit - our expert coaches aim to ensure you feel supported, accepted, and valued - not because we are supposed to, but because we feel personally vested in our Members’ success. It’s the reason we are committed to delivering exceptional mental health care without compromise.

Individuals who are struggling are frequently told that if only they “tried harder” or “wanted to improve” they could do well. At MindFit, we do not subscribe to this philosophy. Instead, we believe that individuals do well if they CAN, not if they WANT to. In other words, if someone is struggling, it’s because something (e.g., difficulties with problem solving, challenges coping with stress) is getting in their way. At MindFit, we focus on identifying and reducing barriers to success, collaborating with parents, teachers, and other care providers to help Members achieve their potential, and teaching Members the skills and strategies they need to lead thriving, flourishing, and meaningful lives.